Do you want to have the best wear out of the new Beauty Press Nails that you have bought?

Pssst!! Here are 3 tips to make them last you for a good time ;)


TIP 1.

Avoid any contact with water for at least 1 hour after application

Our nails adhesive are water-based and any direct water contact will weaken the strength of our adhesive.

Leaving a time gap of 1 hour after application allows the adhesive to better adhere itself to our natural nails without the disturbance of any moisture.

Of course the wider the time gap, the stronger the adhesive.

This, in turn, would allow the nails to last at least twice as long!!



TIP 2.

Lightly buff your natural nails

This helps to remove any uneven surface, oils and dirt which could affect the adhesiveness of our nails.
Do take note to use the alcohol prep pad after, buffing and allow it to fully dry before application.

Take note! As buffing of your nails is similar to exfoliation, it is not recommended to do it more than once a week as it would do more harm than good.



TIP 3.

Use your fingers instead of your nails

Opening a can of soft drinks or peeling off a sticker puts pressure on the nails to lift it up away from your natural nails and weakens the adhesive bonds.

It'll be better to use your fingertips or your friends' finger to help with such task.

The lesser the opposite force against your natural nails, the longer the glue will stay on.


 Go ahead and have a good time with those pretty nails!!